Tùng Bach Lý

Nonprofit Leader | Operational Excellence through Strategic Tech

About Me

I am passionate about using data and technology to enable social justice and community development. I work with diverse teams and partners to deliver value-added services, evaluate program outcomes, and inform strategic decisions. I lead the optimization and implementation of new technologies and processes to support civil and social impact programs and operations. I have over 18 years of experience in data engineering, web management, and digital marketing, with certifications in information management and data science. I leverage my engineering background to bring a scientific and creative approach to problem solving and innovation.

Professional Experience

4.0 Schools

Managing Director of Operations

January 2023 - June 2024


4.0 invests in new, community-centered models of education, and provides coaching, curriculum, community and cash to those with the imagination to create a more equitable education ecosystem.

In closing 4.0’s Fund III chapter of growth, I shifted my role to incorporate a broader approach to operational maturity by:

  • Leading Evaluation, Learning and Data initiatives including defining a new Theory of Change, developing Logic Models, managing data collection and reporting, and directing program evaluation.
  • Developing and leading knowledge management implementations and organizational learning initiatives
  • Maintain an effective and safe remote work environment

4.0 Schools

Data Engineer

January 2021 - January 2023


4.0 invests in new, community-centered models of education, and provides coaching, curriculum, community and cash to those with the imagination to create a more equitable education ecosystem.

Joins 4.0 Schools in its Fund III chapter of growth where it levels up from startup and scale modes to operational maturity. The Data Engineer role:

  • Built 4.0’s capacity to leverage data systems to make their work more accurate, equitable, and simple.
  • Implemented a first ever fellowship and alumni portal, streamlining how the 4.0 community interacts with one another
  • Ensured all fellowship-candidates, fellows, alumni, and staff easily use the portal

City of New Orleans

Web Manager

January 2016 - January 2021


The Office of Information Technology and Innovation facilitates effective, cost efficient use of technology by spearheading the assessment and deployment of technology based business management solutions, and service delivery strategies.

A second tour of duty on the mission to enable municipal government to develop digital products and services. Current objectives non-exclusively include:

  • Maintain a modern web environment and suite of digital marketing services
  • Make it simple for citizens to find information
  • Deliver value added service via digital marketing services platform with training & design thinking
  • Increase the success rate of innovation by knowing our audiences, customers, and residents

PosiGen Solar Engergy and Energy Efficiency

Manager of Innovation & Technology

August 2014 - January 2016


Dedicated to increasing energy independence and ensuring the financial security of the communities we serve, PosiGen pairs energy efficiency retrofits and solar power systems to reduce household energy consumption.

PosiGen’s mission of making a positive financial impact on the lives of homeowners resonated with me. I was recruited to the solar startup for his proven track record of marshaling tech-reluctant managers and staff in enterprise system implementations and integrations. I managed PosiGen’s technology supporting the sales process including but not limited to:

  • GIS analysis of markets including producing maps and data for business development
  • housing burden and weather mitigation cost research supporting governmental relations
  • marketing automation and lead generation
  • telemarketing and lead qualifying
  • sales presentation and customer savings modeling
  • sales automation and electronic contracting
  • consumer information compliance and customer identity security

I directly drove down the cost to acquire customers while increasing customer data quality for the enablement of lower maintenance costs over time.

City of New Orleans

User Adoption Specialist

July 2011 - August 2014


The Office of Information Technology and Innovation facilitates effective, cost efficient use of technology by spearheading the assessment and deployment of technology based business management solutions, and service delivery strategies.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu emphasized leveraging data for decision making. A critical lack of data existed from the missed ownership opportunities resulting from previous administrations’ preference toward outsourcing IT. I was recruited for my strong bridge building capacity, which was much needed to establish legitimacy to the department whose history was plagued by corruption. Although simplicity intuitively promotes use and ownership, I focused on coherence and understanding. With intricate complexities involved in the service, compliance, governing, policy, and protection processes of the City of New Orleans I set out not to simplify processes for staff but to create coherence among systems and endorse greater understanding between people and the systems they use. I focused on enterprise systems that would be leveraged to improve customer service and increase revenue through economic development, including but not limited to permitting and licensing, land use and code enforcement, IT service delivery, and interdepartmental collaboration platforms. Projects Included:

  • BlightSTATUS.nola.gov blighted property search resource
  • OneStop Online Licensing and Permitting
  • NoticeMe.nola.gov proposed land-use change notification tool
  • Rapid, Crowdsourced, Property Condition Data Techarrette

Louisiana Public Health Institute

Senior Program Analyst

August 2005 - July 2011


LPHI creates and fosters collaborative endeavors in the areas of health information, public policy, applied research, and community capacity enhancement.

I joined LPHI Wednesday August 24th 2005, days before Hurricane Katrina made landfall. The next couple months involved standing up a temporary office infrastructure 100 miles west in Baton Rouge, kludging and salvaging weathered and neglected equipment for reestablishing a headquarters in New Orleans, and extending infrastructure support to partner organizations including the Partnership for Access to Healthcare. As operations recovered, I took on new technology projects. I was instrumental in developing an automated information extraction system for paper survey forms used to rapidly conduct surveys across 18 of the most severely hurricane-affected parishes in Louisiana. I began to facilitate the end to end implementation of technology from facilitating system selection to installing infrastructure to configuring the EMR to supporting physician adoption of the system through a “train the trainer” model. Greater resources were made available as LPHI’s track record was proven. I tackled business process re-engineering to enable the business intelligence and reporting requirements of federal grants. A team was hired to handle standing up new clinics. I coached and led this team of implementers who handled everything from EMR selection to achieving meaningful use to connecting to the health information exchange. Projects Included:

  • Health and Population Estimate
  • Partnership for Access to Healthcare Information Systems
  • Primary Care Access and Stabilization Grant
  • Louisiana Health Care Information Technology Resource Center


Tulane University

Biomedical Enginering, Political Science

2000 - 2005

Certifications And Professional Organizations

Applied Data Science I Scientific Computing & Python



Nancy M. Marsiglia Institute Of Justice


Norman C. Francis Leadership Institute


Certified Information Professional

AIIM, License 97512

2013 - 2016

Loyola Institute Of Politics


New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute


Volunteer Experience

VAYLA New Orleans

2008 - Present

A progressive multi-racial community-based organization in New Orleans that empowers youth and families through supportive services and organizing for cultural enrichment and positive social change.

  • Chairman, Board of Directors – 2012 - Present
  • Secretary, Board of Directors – 2009
  • Member, Board of Directors – 2008

Arts Council New Orleans

2018 - 2024

Expand opportunities for diverse artistic expression and bring the community together in celebration of our rich multi-cultural heritage.

  • LUNA Fête committee – 2018 - 2022

Crescent City Community Land Trust

2018 - 2022

Increasing opportunity and equity in New Orleans through community land trust-based commercial and residential development, helping local families access jobs, grow their own businesses, and live in affordable housing near areas of significant economic development and opportunity.

  • Vice President, Board of Directors – 2021 - 2022
  • Secretary, Board of Directors – 2019 - 2020

First Grace United Methodist Church

2019 - 2022

Where the city worships | All are welcome

  • Vice Chair, Church Council – 2020 - 2022

Mid-City Security District

2018 - 2021

A political subdivision of the State of Louisiana to provide security in Mid-City above and beyond that which would normally be provided by the New Orleans Police Department.

White House Police Data Initiative


  • Member of volunteer Elite Tech Team supporting Camden County Police Department at initiative launch

Travel + Social Good New Orleans

2015 - 2017

Now known as Impact Travel Alliance. Transforming the travel industry to act as a catalyst for solving the world's most pressing issues.

Awesome Foundation, New Orleans Chapter

2013 - 2016

No strings attached, monthly micro-granting group

Social Entrepreneurs Of New Orleans

2008 - 2011

Now known as Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation

  • Infrastructure Committee Chair – 2009 - 2011